In which I offer one little reason

A certain impending – and exciting – move has left me with no time to blog.

Tomorrow is my last day, and after a week of holiday, I’ll be flying North (but only about 3 km) to start up a new lab. It’s a bit sad, because this will always be the place where I relaunched my scientific research career nearly five years ago. But the overwhelming feeling is of happiness and expectation.

Where am I going and what will I be doing? All will be revealed in due course!

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22 Responses to In which I offer one little reason

  1. Are we talking Belsize Park?

  2. I can read (a) that fragment of your contract, and (b) a map, so I’m guessing Whittington.

    Whatever it is, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!

  3. cromercrox says:

    How exciting. And don’t forget, if you are flying, use a helicopter.

  4. Frank says:

    Sounds fantastic. Many congratulations. (I do so love a happy ending…)

    So, you’ll be a bit closer to me up in NW7?

  5. Gordon J Milne says:

    Congratulations. A new job is always an exciting prospect.

  6. chall says:

    Congratulations! Awesome news indeed.

    Enjoy the week off! somehow I think the “starting up your lab” will mean “not too much time off these next couple of months….years?” 🙂

  7. Heather says:

    Congratulations! Great news. xoxo

  8. Frank says:

    Are you going to the Vet’n’ry?

  9. The Overseas Collaborator says:

    A certain impending and exciting move may push me towards starting a blog.

  10. stephenemoss says:

    Jenny, sounds as though you’re headed to leafy Hampstead and the RFH. Congratulations and good luck.

  11. The correct answer has been given by one gentleman above, but you’ll have to wait for my next blog to find out which one! Thanks for your kind words, all.

    p.s. Overseas, I’d love it if you started a blog, as you have such an interesting take on how to “do” academia.

  12. Nico says:

    I believe the term of choice is w00t!

    Well done, your efforts have paid off!

  13. Bob O'H says:

    Congratulations. Although I feel sorry for all those eppendorfs you’re leaving behind.

  14. JHB says:

    Ah, brilliant! De-lurking to say how thoroughly deserved this is; you’ll be stunning.

    Well, more stunning…

  15. Thanks, guys…there’s a lot of love in this room.


  16. Congratulations, wherever it is that you’re going 😉

  17. ricardipus says:

    P.S. Does this mean you’ll have to change the header image on your blog? It seems terribly important* to know this.

    *not really

  18. I probably will, Richard. A bit sobering, that.

    Sorry to be so coy, in the meantime. It’s just that it’s a nice story and I haven’t yet had the luxury of time to tell it properly. Now that I’m officially on annual leave until 1 February (hurrah!) I can catch up on everything that’s been neglected.

  19. Stephen says:

    Very best of luck in the new job Jenny!

  20. Yeah good luck with the move and uh good for you for taking some time off! Turn off your phone, your computer, go read a book 😉

  21. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy your well-earned break!

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