In which I avoid the topic

I have been downtrodden this week, struggling to stay afloat in this erratic and stormy sea we call academic science. I suspect there is a post in there waiting to get out, but I am too blue (and overworked) to face it now. So in its stead, a bit of Friday fun from a second-hand lab equipment provider:


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One Response to In which I avoid the topic

  1. cromercrox says:

    Fun Fact: Live wolves in fridges have never been observed to complete the Times crossword in under 12 minutes.

    You’re welcome.

    But srsly. Each year the family goes to the ‘Green Build’ event at a nearby stately home. A couple of years ago I dragged Crox Minima (then 13) to a lecture on how to build houses out of straw bales. At the Q&A session I asked the presenter if such houses were vulnerable to being blown down by passing wolves. This is why Crox Minima dreads going anywhere with me…

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