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In which I am still largely at large: another mother in academia

Blogging appearances to the contrary, I am still alive, clinging gamely to some semblance of work-life balance as a new mother in academia. Not so new anymore, I realize, as Joshua hurtles, one milestone at a time, toward his first … Continue reading

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In which we endure

Baby, it’s cold outside. And inside too, as it happens. Over the past month or two, London has been in the grip of some of the coldest weather I ever remember having experienced here. For most London workers, the chill … Continue reading

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In which we say goodbye

Over the summer, our lab has been invaded by an exotic species with a dynamic life cycle and an all-too-brief half-life. No, I’m not talking about some new strain of uropathogenic E. coli or other variety of bad-assed bug. I’m … Continue reading

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