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In which the anticipation mounts: second call for Fringe-Frivolous Unconference 2010

I must say I’m starting to get excited about the prospect of being trapped on the Roof with the likes of you. Resistance is futile, but at least there will be Beer. As always, a stonking big thanks to Mendeley … Continue reading

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In which I revisit my inner newbie

All scientists probably remember their first day in a real lab. Not the pretend lab of a high school or university, with its staged classroom practicals and fait accompli outcomes presided over by harried teaching assistants – but a living, … Continue reading

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In which I go to the movies

Last week the BBC asked me to go along to a press screening of the film Splice to give my opinions on the science. It was great fun to be sitting amongst all the other journalists in the small Soho … Continue reading

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In which my dreams come true (redux)

A little over ten years ago, I left academia to work in a small start-up biotech company on a rural industrial park in the Netherlands. I can hardly believe so much time has passed: memories of my first day are … Continue reading

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In which some unexpected mettle is revealed

As a mammalian cell biologist adrift in a Drosophila genetics lab, my contact with flies is fairly minimal. Through the thin wall separating my desk from the fly room, I can hear the loud repetitive thumping that accompanies the transfer … Continue reading

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Get over it, scientists: your cushy days are numbered

They’re at it again. It isn’t enough that scientists imperilled our very economic existence by pointing out that a variant of flu remarkably similar to one that slaughtered a hundred million people in 1918 was spreading around the globe like … Continue reading

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In which evil boffins seek revenge

(Scroll to bottom for Official SpoofJenks blog aggregate!) Those of you not immersed in the UK science media scene are missing out on a national treasure. I mean, of course, none other than the Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins who, although … Continue reading

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In which we stand on the shoulders of midgets

The other day I was part of a rapt audience, listening to the seminar of Dr Big Shot. As Big Shots go, this man was immensely likeable: coherent, humorous, persuasive but – above all – modest. The way he introduced … Continue reading

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In which the ball is mightier than – well, pretty much everything

Sometimes you can be so involved in your own obsession that it starts to seem vastly more important and all-encompassing than it truly is. Like a cave-dwelling beast stepping out into the light of the greater world for the first … Continue reading

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In which we plan a repeat performance: Fringe-Frivolous 2010

Tipsy science bloggers on the roof: need I say more? Just a quick note to say that I’ve started a new forum topic for the Fringe-Frivolous 2010 science blogging unconference running alongside Science Online 2010. Use this forum to register … Continue reading

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