Desirous of structures?

There was a very nice piece in yesterday’s Nature by Ananyo Bhattacharya (a former PhD student of mine who now works for the journal). Ananyo discusses the current structural ‘wish list’ with some of the world’s most ambitious protein crystallographers.

Perhaps I’m a little biased but I think it’s beautifully written. Even if you have only a passing interest in the structures of large biological molecules, I recommend you have a look.

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2 Responses to Desirous of structures?

  1. Maxine Clarke says:

    I’m a bit behind on my Nature reading this week, Stephen, a pleasure that usually gets deferred to the weekend. But I am certainly looking forward to reading this particular article. I did not realise until reading your post that Ananyo is an ex-student of yours – that explains a few things! (All nice ones;-) )

  2. Stephen Curry says:

    It was a bumper issue this week – I’ve also been enjoying the stuff on CP Snow

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