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Thought that some of you might like to know that the latest (Feb 2010) issue of The Biochemist is running a special series of articles on Science and the Media; science communication if you will. There’s a piece by yours truly on science blogging and one by Jenny Rohn on scientists on screen (not read it yet, but you know it’s going to be good!).

That’s not all: among other pieces, Tracey Brown of Sense About Science (a stalwart of the libel reform campaign) writes about the ‘second golden age of science communication’.

The articles seem to be free as long as you are prepared to register your soul with the Biochemical Society.

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11 Responses to Puff The Biochemist

  1. Richard P. Grant says:

    A slightly restrained ‘w00t’, in light of your last sentence. I get pay to read, but register to read when you’re not paying irks me.

  2. Stephen Curry says:

    Picky, picky, picky… where else can you get quality prose for free?
    Oh, yeah. Here. And lots of other places on the internet.

  3. Richard P. Grant says:

    Which reminds me–when are you going to write something for LabLit?

  4. Stephen Curry says:

    Yeah, starting to feel guilty on that front…

  5. Richard P. Grant says:


  6. Cath Ennis says:

    “I get pay to read, but register to read when you’re not paying irks me.”
    And you were warning Henry about quote mining?!

  7. Henry Gee says:

    Sorry. I was asleep.

  8. Stephen Curry says:

    Damn, I’m awake and I still didn’t get it…!

  9. Henry Gee says:

    Zzzzzzz. Mumble mumble. By the way, your post that got into the Scientia Pro Publica carnival was damn fine, by Jupiter. Carry on. Yawn snooze bibble.

  10. Stephen Curry says:

    Ah, thankyouverymuch Henry – was just lucky not to be eclipsed by your 3 very fine entries (where do you find the time to sustain such long and involved comment threads?)

  11. Austin Elliott says:

    I was going to say that the secret to sustaining long comments threads is to engage, and my own problem is that I prefer comments threads (reading and commenting) to writing posts. But… no posts, no comments threads.
    Agreed though that it is amazing how HG finds the time to do both.

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