The awesomeness of MT4


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22 Responses to The awesomeness of MT4

  1. Frank Norman says:

    I think you might be cheating, Stephen.

  2. Stephen Curry says:

    I do not cheat. I create – using the powerful new functionality of MT4. I think you’re just jealous, Frank. 😉

  3. Richard Grant says:

    MT5 will fix that.

  4. Bob O Hara says:

    I wish I knew this functionality. It still won’t let the real me in.
    It feels like Richard and I are wraiths, doomed to wander the new Nature Network, unable to get to our own blogs and having to suck out bloggy sustenance from other on the network who can reach their own blogs.

  5. Ken Doyle says:

    Hmmm…I have to keep signing in again to comment on each blog. I suppose I should wait until the dust settles. Anyway, the new interface seems like a vast improvement, from a reader’s perspective

  6. Stephen Curry says:

    Yes Ken, there have been a few teething problems so far but things are coming together. Some, like Bob, haven’t yet been able to access their blogs but hopefully that will be sorted soon.
    I like the new font, though I may have to bump up the default font size on my browser (will certainly have to do this on the iPhone).

  7. Richard Wintle says:

    Well, sign-in actually brought me back to the right place (i.e. where I was intending to comment), so that’s a plus.
    On the other side, the world is too full of Times New Roman-type fonts. Boo. However, it’s better than the teeny tiny little bitsy font that it used to use…

  8. Austin is Annoyed says:

    Like several other people, I find that this system is locking me out of my account (insisting “login or password invalid”) even though I have checked the email address and re-set the p/word.
    It looks good (if a touch over-corporate for my taste), but the login foul-ups need RAPID SORTING. Especially given NN’s reputation in the blogosphere (whether deserved or not) for having too high an energy barrier to attract commenters.
    Austin Elliott

  9. Austin is Annoyed says:

    PS I can’t decide whether “MT4” as an abbreviation reminds me more of MP3 or of Bacteriophage T4.

  10. Stephen Curry says:

    Austin – can you access the feedback forum where requests for fixes/improvements are being handled. As you’ll be aware, you are not alone by any means.
    Hope to have you (and others) back with us soon. Strangely quiet on the front page today…

  11. Austin is Annoyed says:

    Thanks Stephen. Have posted/vented to the f/back forum – which appeared under my “normal” identity. Talk about split personalities…

  12. Bob O Hara says:

    Austin – you’ll be able to make yourself a contact. I now have two Richard Grants as contacts (better to keep an eye on him), as well as both of you. And I also managed to make both versions of me friends. Which means that an account can be its own friend.

  13. Elizabeth Moritz says:

    Sadly, I seem to be in the same boat as the Richards and Bob and am an invalid user of MT4.
    I can sign in and view everything, but I cannot create posts 🙁

  14. Stephen Curry says:

    Hmm – given the widespread frustration, now slightly regretting the triumphant title of this post, though it was always meant to be tongue-in-cheek…

  15. Richard Grant says:

    We’re thinking of leaving NN. This is *seriously* unprofessional.

  16. Brian Derby says:

    Well I haven;t had any problems – except that signing in to make this comment took two tries.

  17. Richard Grant says:

    Were they converted? That’s potentially 14 points.

  18. Stephen Curry says:

    How strange that an Englishman knows what a try is. You should inform your rugby team.

  19. Richard Grant says:

    Would it be ‘offensively phrased’ if I told you to eff off?

  20. Stephen Curry says:

    Not at all old bean. Jolly bad luck last Saturday.

  21. Richard P. Grant says:

    As you can see, I’m logged in as me, but it’s a pile of poo. This wasn’t ready for launch, was it?

  22. Brian Derby says:

    Richard its only 14 points if they are converted. as nobody is that’s only 10 points.

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