Ceci n’est pas un blogpost

Load. Aim. Fire!!!!!
Cannons on HMS Victory
Grant application submitted. Who knows what will happen?
If you feel moved to comment, please do so randomly. I’m all out of evidence and logic.

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42 Responses to Ceci n’est pas un blogpost

  1. Erika Cule says:

    Good Bank Holiday weekend, then, Stephen?
    Congratulations, anyway!

  2. Stephen Curry says:

    Thanks Erika – I’ve had better.
    But I’m afraid your comment fails the random criterion. You’ll have to do better next time.

  3. Cath Ennis says:


  4. Stephen Curry says:

    Now that’s… I was going to say ‘better’, but instead I’ll say bacon-y.

  5. Åsa Karlström says:

    oh, cannons… are those by any chance from a replica British naval ship? 🙂

  6. Stephen Curry says:

    Replica? Replica??? {splutters excessively} This isn’t Disneyland. This is the real thing!
    (You could try clicking on the photo…)

  7. Austin Elliott says:

    _”Choppy waters of hostile grants committee ahead, you say?”_
    _”I see *no* choppy waters, good Sir.”_

  8. Ian Brooks says:

    Chocolate digestives and good tea that man! Well done!

  9. Nicolas Fanget says:

    Tea and biscuits

  10. Stephen Curry says:

    Yes, yes, all very well. But I do think that most of you are ignoring the Keeble-Wassenblach manoeuvre.

  11. Bob O'Hara says:

    Curry, winds light to moderate. Visibility good, 980 and falling.

  12. Stephen Curry says:

    Quick – fasten your groins and hoist the mains’l.

  13. Eva Amsen says:

    Sometimes orange water gibbon bucket and plastic.

  14. Stephen Curry says:

    Too true, Eva. Now, how about something a little less true?

  15. Stephen Curry says:

    Hells bells and buckets of blood. These are the actual buckets, I think.

  16. Marianne Baker says:

    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

  17. Stephen Curry says:

    Indeed Marianne, ’twas ever thus (though not, curiously, prior to the reign of George the Bird).

  18. Cath Ennis says:

    How about palindromes? My favourite:
    Rett ebs I trap’d no ceseht tubs, ey?
    Yes, but the second part is better.

  19. Stephen Curry says:

    But I will permit aerodromes…

  20. Cath Ennis says:


  21. Stephen Curry says:

    Humpfh! My sense of humour has deserted me.

  22. Cath Ennis says:

    I only just got that one.

  23. Stephen Curry says:

    Oh dear – hope you weren’t stewing in irritation until the penny dropped.
    And by the way: celery.

  24. Mike Fowler says:

    bq. _Curry, winds light to moderate._
    Ahh, ’twas ever thus after a good Curry.
    As for random: 0.1648.

  25. Stephen Curry says:

    0.1648? I think you’ll find that you mis-spelled that number.

  26. Henry Gee says:

    Excuse me Madam, but does this bus go to the station?

  27. Stephen Curry says:

    It does. But once you get there, you can never leave. Never.

  28. Sean Seaver says:

    Best Wishes!

  29. Stephen Curry says:

    I know. Thanks. But just look at all that cheese:

  30. Richard Wintle says:


  31. Stephen Curry says:

    I prefer swig. Though it does depend on the contents.

  32. Åsa Karlström says:

    Stephen> I see, I thought I had shielded my mind from most strange additions in my new country where replicas are indeed more common (you can learn from them too though) but the planks (wooden floor what ever one might call them) looked so fresh and unblemished. Surely they would have been more crushed under all the feet? 😉
    Next time I’ll click on the photo. Promise.
    Now, wonder if there is any cheese at work…. 🙂

  33. Stephen Curry says:

    Åsa – They may look unblemished but it was (and I imagine still is) the Navy tradition to swab the decks every morning so as to keep things, um, ship-shape, so to speak. But yes, the photo of the cannons, and indeed the buckets (not for blood), are from HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson’s flagship (which you can visit in Portsmouth). They even have a brass plaque on the deck at the spot where he was shot and another one below decks marking the place where he breathed his last.
    Here, in case you were wondering, is the outside view:

    No cheese in sight, alas.

  34. Åsa Karlström says:

    ahh… very nice.(I as about to make it all bad to say ‘boat’) ship! 🙂
    If I ever visit Portsmouth I know where to go. THanks for the tip!

  35. Richard Wintle says:

    Definitely a ship. Three masts, and all.
    Excellent photo Stephen.
    Also: driveshaft.

  36. Ken Doyle says:


  37. Stephen Curry says:

    @Åsa – if you are ever in Portsmouth, do make sure to visit: HMS Victory is a true highlight!
    @Richard – Having read so much Patrick O’Brian, it should be engrained in me the three masts = ship, while two masts = boat but then again I always identified more with the half-Irish nat. philosopher called Stephen (Maturin), who never did master naval jargon.
    @Ken – had to google Kerblunkenschweigen and have come to the conclusion that you made it up!. How frivolous! Really, didn’t you realise that this is a serious blog!

  38. Austin Elliott says:

    Heh. Dr Maturin’s skills in the darker arts of espionage would certainly be of use in the current chase for grant funding…!

  39. Stephen Curry says:

    You’d think… but I try to play my science with a straight bat. Unlike some MMR ‘researchers’, as we heard from Brian Deer at Westminster Skeptics in the Pub last night…

  40. Austin Elliott says:

    Yes, would love to have heard Brian Deer, but M’cr to London is just a bit too far for one-off events. Often wish I were within a 1-hr train ride of the capital, but there you go.

  41. Stephen Curry says:

    Austin – oh, for a cheap, high-speed rail network. But you can have a taster at least: @Noodlemaz has just posted a write-up of Deer’s talk — with video. Wakefield’s scheme was quite a piece of work.

  42. Austin Elliott says:

    Nothing about Wakefield could surprise me, after years following Brian Deer’s work. I’ve left a comment on “Noodlemaz’s blog”:http://noodlemaz.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/research-fraud-for-dummies/ referring to “something I had said earlier”:http://holfordwatch.info/2009/02/08/brian-deer-discusses-andrew-wakefield-in-the-sunday-times/#comment-14712 about the Wakefield saga. The major point was that that we hadn’t really heard the full story of what went on at the Royal Free.
    Like a number of others I hope Deer will write a book and give us the full story on Wakefield and on how his “research programme” and the _Lancet_ paper came to be.

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