Guardian of Science

Some of you may not have heard of last week’s launch of a new science blogging site by the Guardian newspaper.

They have a core group of regular bloggers —┬áJon Butterworth, Dr Evan Harris, Martin Robbins and NN’s own Grrlscientist — who between them will be covering good science, bad science and science policy. It’s yet another bright addition to the rapidly changing firmament that is today’s blogosphere.

As part of a festival to mark the launch of the new site several other bloggers were asked to write pieces and I was delighted to be offered the chance to contribute. I’m a bit late with the notification — a wedding and the #solo10 conference intervened —┬ábut on Friday they posted my starry eyed account of my summer telescopery.

Update (3:20 pm): Errant link now fixed!

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