Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Carbon

I may not know much about Chemistry but I know what I like.

And I like carbon. In fact, I’ve decided that it’s my favourite element. I’ll tell you why in the short video below, which is part of the Royal Institution’s 2012 Advent Calendar.



Please take a little time to explore the rest of the calendar. Each day a different person – usually a scientist or broadcaster (or sometimes both) — picks out their favourite element, and it is making for a lovely and informative series if short films.

So far my favourite is Helen Czerski’s introduction to calcium on Dec 5th (which has echoes of an earlier talk given by Thomas Henry Huxley, something of a hero of mine and a regular performer in his day at the Royal Institution).

But I was also touched by Martyn Poliakoff”s revelation of the origin of his affinity for Sodium the following day.


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