FINALLY! (Hockey Pool Update, weeks 12 and 13)

FINALLY… I’m winning!

Unfortunately, so is Cath.

We’ve been in lockstep for both weeks 12 and 13, despite not having a great deal of overlap in our picks. So much so, I’ve had to make my line dashed so that you can see hers, which Excel has coloured an attractive shade of muddy green.

Cath and Ricardipus dominate.

It’s pretty tight these days, with the top four contenders within 1.5% of the joint leaders, and the top seven within 10%. Bob is a mere 0.3 points outside that margin in eighth place, and Beth and Mr. E Man are well behind. Fifth/sixth and seventh/eighth are beginning to look like bimodal scraps between ScientistMother and Chall, and Gerty and Bob, respectively. But nothing is certain – the points are so tight that people have been swapping places week over week. Cath, for example, seemed mired in the middle until just a few weeks ago, when she mounted a charge for the top.

The lack of trends defies explanation.


Looking at the weekly totals, I’m struck by the lack of trends. I did really well, but that’s not so obvious. Cath and ScientistMother were the clear winners in week 12, and Mr. E Man had a decent showing. Sorted as they are by the week 13 results (maroon bars, highest to lowest), it all looks a bit of a mess.

Which is also how my picks for the upcoming week look, to be honest. I’m relying on the holidays to trip up some competitors and make them forget to make picks, which I admit isn’t much of a strategy. I don’t think I’ve once been on top of the points for any week, but I’m hoping consistency will win out in the end. Crappy weeks notwithstanding, of course.

Roll on 2012!


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  1. DAMN I forgot to change my picks! Your strategy may well pay off 🙂

    Thanks for posting the update! Just a few weeks ago I was consistently 3rd from bottom, so it’s still anyone’s game!

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