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Some words when one is speechless

The current use of “no words” in its semaphoric online sense seems to date back to five or ten years ago. To you, there may seem to be a great difference between five and ten years ago. To me, two … Continue reading

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The moonshot power of Google’s new ‘Solve for X’

With ‘Solve for X’ Google is half way to becoming as evil as the bankers. Solve for X is being touted as a kind of techno-think tank, like TED but done cloud style. It advertises itself at its launch today … Continue reading

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FINALLY! (Hockey Pool Update, weeks 12 and 13)

Weeks 12 and 13 of the VWXYnot Hockey Pool, with myself and Cath dueling fiercely for the lead. Continue reading

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Science Policy and the Canadian Election – or maybe not.

So we’re down to it – only one day left until the Canadian Federal Election, although many who are more organized than I am have already voted in the advance polls. As usual, our beloved national broadcaster has aggregated a … Continue reading

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