Australia Tour 2014

It’s funny how one thing leads to another. The video of my Friday Evening Discourse at the Royal Institution last year caught the attention of a former colleague and produced an invitation to contribute a lecture to her plans to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography at the University of Western Australia in Perth this summer.

And then, because my wife has family in Brisbane whom we have never visited, the organisers of the International Biophysics Congress, which will be held there this August, were good enough to offer a slot for a public lecture in their opening program.

And then, to help justify the expense of the trip, which is being part funded by the Society of Crystallographers of Australia and New Zealand, stopovers in Sydney and Melbourne were added. (Update, 23/07/14: after this was originally posted, I got a further invitation to talk at Hobart, which has now been included in the itinerary). All in all it is going to be quite a month for me and my family.

Australia Map

The four five talks are all free and open to the public, so if you find yourself in the area next month, please do come along. I hope to offer an eye-opening answer to the question, “What is X-ray Crystallography and how did it transform our view of the world?”

The tour dates (I am sotempted to have t-shirts printed) are:

We are looking forward to the trip immensely. Never having visited Australia, we would be glad to have suggestions of things that we must see or do.

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4 Responses to Australia Tour 2014

  1. Renee says:

    For some science-related things to see in Melbourne that aren’t on the typical tourist trail
    -The Croft Institute: a science themed bar
    -Sensory Lab: a sciencey coffee shop, coffee is excellent
    -Wunderkammer: curio shop/museum
    -Solar system 6 km walk/cycle between Port Melbourne and St Kilda, to scale 1:1 billion
    the Melbourne Museum is also great and worth going to

  2. The 45 min ferry across Sydney harbour from Central Quay to Manly is the best sight-seeing option, IMO… Saturday fish and chip lunch on the Manly beach promenade. Recommended.

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