ICYMI No.1: Preprints for biologists

Since I have developed a habit of writing elsewhere, which necessarily takes time and words away from the blog here at Reciprocal Space, I thought I would try to make amends by developing the habit of linking to the pieces that appear in other corners of the internet. 

To kick off therefore, permit me to alert you to a short article this week published in The Biologist, the house magazine of the Royal Society of Biology. The piece – The power of preprint – follows from an earlier article on this topic in the Guardian and reprises the call, by myself and others, for more of us in the life sciences to adopt the practice of publishing our research quickly in preprint form. It’s worked in many branches of physics, maths and computer science for many a long year and I see no reason that we should deny ourselves the benefits of preprints in other research disciplines. And nor does Ron Vale, as I mentioned here a few months back.

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