Photos of 2023

I took over 2800 photos in 2023. Actually, I took a lot more because we went on safari in the summer and I have worked hard to cull as many shots that I could from that trip. Even so, that left me with nearly 1000 pictures of wildlife that I want to keep.

Facade of a building in Bologna onto which is projected paintings of the dissected human body

Building and body beautiful (Bologna)

My selected favourites bear witness to the fact that this has very much been a year of travel – mostly to cities and mostly for work. I started and finished the year with trips to Germany. Sharped-eyed viewers will see that over the course of the last 12 months I have visited Berlin, Ballymena, Vienna, Cambridge, Brussels, Barcelona, Geneva, Auschwitz, Valencia, Kenya, Leiden, Killyleagh, Bologna, Tokyo, and Hannover – not forgetting, of course, my home town of London.

Orange and grey concert hall, reflected in damp concrete.

Concert Hall (Berlin)

There are cityscapes and pictures of whole buildings but I do like to try to pick out details, fragments that will give some sense of what it was like to wander the city streets. I retain also a fascination with the shapes and colours that our manufactured environment presents to the eye.

Angular block of flats abuts two chimneys from the restored Battersea Power Station (London)

Battersea Power Station (London)

Metal statue of man in a frock coat and top hat beside a bell - seen on the roof of a building in Brussels

Bell ringer (Brussels)

Woman walking alone down a narrow lane in Barcelona. It is evening time - the street lamps are lit.

Barcelona walker

A crown of hippos in a natural pool; glistening with water, many of them appear to eye the camera

A crowd of hippos (Masai Mara, Kenya)

Nighttime cityscape in Tokyo under grey skies – lights are on in many tower blocks.

Los Angeles 2019? No, Tokyo at night.

Yellow and red illuminated girders of the Tokyo tower make for an angular and abstract composition

Tokyo tower in red, yellow and blue

In the foreground stone steps lead down to a path that meanders into the distance over the hills and mountains of Co. Down

County Down (N. Ireland)

All 90 of this year’s selection can be found on Flickr.

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  1. Henry Gee says:

    At first glance I took the picture of Bologna to be a snap from the Spice Girls’ reunion tour (as imagined by Francis Bacon)

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