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Regular readers (both of you) will no doubt recall the day almost two years ago when Mrs Crox and I rescued four battery hens and gave them new homes. But seriously, this is a somewhat Guardian Weekend form of animal … Continue reading

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After almost four years during which my attempts to persuade Mrs Crox that having dinosaurs chickens running around your garden will turn it into a desert have come to naught, she has finally – FINALLY – realized that the best … Continue reading

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On The Internet, No-One Knows You’re A Chook

What do you get if you mix social media and chickens? Egg on Facebook? Tweets? Oh Noes! You’ll get Musings of a Techno Chook, a new up-to-the-minute tzores sauce source about iGadgetry, social media, volunteering and – well, there’s no … Continue reading

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Enormo Eggs

Metro is a free newspaper scattered eggstensively all over London and the Lands Adjacent, and today it featured an eggregious story about a chicken that laid enormous eggs. A quick trawl through the Metro archives reveals that stories featuring chickens … Continue reading

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This Woman’s Work

A rare back view of Mrs Crox, hard at work in her home office, early this morning, her secretarial staff in attendance.

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Norfolk, Land of Pig and Poultry

What with the World Health Organization upgrading the Swine Flu Emergency to Level 5 – one notch below a full-on panic pandemic, I would draw your attention to this extremely interesting and informative post by Eric Michael Johnson. In his … Continue reading

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