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Accidental Error Effect

It’s been a funny ole year, 2012, during whose 365 days, or, as it may be, 366, I have spent much of the time acting as a test subject for psychoactive drugs. The citalopram that had kept the demons away … Continue reading

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Festive Pig

Just a quick reminder to get your orders in for Defiant the Guinea Pig – Firefighter!, a mini-epic adventure written by me and Crox Minima. I’ve been selling this special boutique edition for a limited time only as a print-on-demand … Continue reading

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You’ll both know by now that we’re very fond of animals here at the Maison des Girrafes. At the moment we have two dogs, four cats, a rabbit, thirteen hens, two snakes, five freshwater tropical fish and an axolotl. We’ve previously … Continue reading

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Eggs Eleven

One of our two laying chickens has come good on one of her resolutions, which is presumably to lay bigger eggs in ’11. Either that, or try to impersonate an ostrich. I collected the whopper on the right a few … Continue reading

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My Amazon Alligator

My friend, prolific popular science writer Mr B. C. of Swindon describes new and exciting functionality over at Amazon, which is providing ever more (and more useful) services for authors. Each author can have their own author page (here’s his), … Continue reading

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Lunchtime In The Snow

This lunchtime, my coauthor Crox Minima and I took Canis Croxorum and the sledge through the woods and on to the clifftops, near the lighthouse Canis Croxorum had a great time playing snow-angels While Crox Minima attempted the notorious black … Continue reading

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Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3

For reasons that (which?) now escape me, I’ve rediscovered ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3′, a hit in 1979 for Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Maybe it was the chant underlying the funk workout that did it, the one that … Continue reading

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Guinea Pigs for a Guinea Pig?

As regular readers (both of them) will have noticed, I’ve been elsewhere lately. Among other things I’ve been finishing a story for children entitled Defiant the Guinea-Pig: Firefighter! with my younger daughter, Crox Minima, aged 10  (though with vital contributions … Continue reading

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Let Slip The Blogs of War!

Hardly has Jennifer Rohn stopped chewing the carpet following her editorial travails on OpenLab08, than submissions are being solicited for OpenLab09. This year’s guest editor is SciCurious, who’d like us to believe she looks like Remy the Rat from Ratatouille. … Continue reading

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