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This is not a skate. It is something else. Possibly a cod, or, notwithstanding inasmuch as which, a haddock*, pictured on Cromer East Beach earlier today. Cod is Dead – Nietzsche I mentioned skate for a different reason, namely and … Continue reading

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I suppose I should be grateful to that unrepentantly limp wristed pinko lefty my colleague Dr A. E. of Manchester for indicating (in another context) this fascinating article by Martin Robbins in teh Grauniad, in which the renowned columnist finds his gob … Continue reading

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Up with Fees – Down with Dross

I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. I am about to make myself very unpopular. But, well, fine girrafes never buttered no unicycles, so here goes – I’m in favour of the Coalition Government’s aim to raise the … Continue reading

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Pulled from Right and Left

I’d draw your attention to this video posted on FB from a friend of mine, whose political views are probably antithetical to mine, depending on which way you look and whether you are travelling from left to right, right to … Continue reading

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The Battle for Middle-earth

Last week I had occasion to visit the city of Hereford. Now, you’d think that a place like Hereford would be the zenithal apotheosis of all that was pleasant and clean and good about England. It was a dump. The … Continue reading

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St George’s Day Rant

Down with that incompetent, meddling, deceitful, self-aggrandizing, micro-managing slack-jawed Caledonian fool Gordon McBroon and his Legions of the Undead Existentially Challenged stooges, toadies, newt-fanciers, diversity compliance officers, mendacious sleazebags, chisellers, chippies, apparatchiks, political-correctness czars, Guardianistas and elephants hierophants sycophants. Burn … Continue reading

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It Has To Be Said

When New Labour has finally been forced kicking and screaming out of office, we can look forward to the feature film, according to this amusing sidebar in today’s Torygraph.

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John Prescott in ‘Bloody Norfolk’ Shock Horror Probe

Hot regional news this morning: that the Rt Hon John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott MP, former Deputy Grime Minibus, who stands in relation to Boris Johnson as Mr Gumby does to Socrates, was rumoured to be thinking of buying a retirement … Continue reading

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Hooray, Once More, for Boris

I have long maintained that posterity will view Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, as the greatest statesman of this or any other age. Here he is in today’s Torygraph promoting free trade. He is, of course, absolutely right, as … Continue reading

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