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Last weekend the environs of North Norfolk were infested by played host to the Cromer and Sheringham Crab and Lobster Festival. Cromer’s turn was Saturday, but I missed it as I was too busy in my shed listening to tapes … Continue reading

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Regular readers (both of you) will no doubt recall the day almost two years ago when Mrs Crox and I rescued four battery hens and gave them new homes. But seriously, this is a somewhat Guardian Weekend form of animal … Continue reading

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After almost four years during which my attempts to persuade Mrs Crox that having dinosaurs chickens running around your garden will turn it into a desert have come to naught, she has finally – FINALLY – realized that the best … Continue reading

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The Erection of Pondside Lodge – A Story In Pictures

Today, as promised, I can give the full-frontal, explicit and unexpurgated story of the erection of our new chicken house. We have been the proud owners of an Eglu, manufactured by Omlet, for some time now. Here’s our current eglu … Continue reading

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Heidi and Me

I’m a fan of Now Appearing, the online scratching post of my friend Brian Clegg, from whom I’ve gleaned a lot of useful advice recently, such as the possibility that one can get Skype as an iPhone application, as well … Continue reading

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