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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Kindertransports. On the night of 9/10 November, 1938, Jewish homes and businesses across Nazi Germany were trashed – an event known as Kristallnacht, Night of Broken Glass. Five days later, a delegation … Continue reading

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Another Mystery Bone For You To Identify

A while ago I posted a beachcombing of a bone found on the East Beach at Cromer, which my Friend Mr P. V. of Lewisham (who regularly entertains such images in his blog, Zygoma) identified as the humerus of a … Continue reading

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Tolkien in Cromer

I knew that J. R. R. Tolkien had once visited Norwich, but imagine my shock and awe at the news, communicated by my friend Mr M. A.-B. – colleague, fellow Tolkienist and translator into German of The Science of Middle-earth -  that … Continue reading

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While we’re on the subject of holiday reading, I am informed by one Ian Whates, scholar, gentleman, SF author and, notwithstanding inasmuch as which, publisher of the SF anthology Fables from the Fountain, that sales so far have raised a … Continue reading

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Build II

For those few of you who care about this sort of thing – and because I promised I’d keep you informed – here is an update on the ongoing conversion of the Maison des Girrafes into a Palazzo. But first, … Continue reading

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When I was about five years old, I remember reading a book in the school library called You Will Go To The Moon. This was the 1960s, when the Space Race was being run, and everyone was space crazy (well, … Continue reading

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Yet Another Mystery Fish For You To Identify

The deeps really are yielding their secrets at the moment. First there was this. Then there was this. And today there was this. Here is the whole thing, stem to stern – it’s about 30cm long. And here is a … Continue reading

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Another Mystery Fish For You To Identify

Here’s a fishy tail I found on Cromer beach today. Here’s a detail. The skin is very rough, and those spines are wickedly sharp – they look (and feel) like the thorns on a rose bush, and thereby hangs a … Continue reading

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Fountainous Fables

My vitals fair explode with pleasure at being able to announce the Second Coming this forthcoming SF anthology: Fables from the Fountain, edited by by SF author, superfan and publishing supremo Ian Whates, is an hommage to Arthur C. Clarke’s … Continue reading

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Into The Unknown

Many years ago when the world was young (OK, it was 1996), a fellow science writer opined in my general direction as follows: “hey, Henry, you should probably write a book about human evolution!” My reply was somewhat tired and … Continue reading

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