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All I Want For Christmas

It’s now awfully fashionable to compile lists of things to see or do before you die. These lists are called Bucket Lists, presumably for the colloquialism in which ‘kicking the bucket’ means ‘die’ (qv. ‘bought the farm’, ‘flensed the ferret’, … Continue reading

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That Was The Week That Was

What a week it’s been. Honestly, if you’d have made up this week’s news, nobody would have believed you. So, what have we had? * A meteor exploded over Russia, quite close to the city of Chelyabinsk. The impactor is … Continue reading

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The day Kennedy was shot. Or Princess Diana died. Or when you first consciously heard Silence is Golden by the Tremeloes. These are the occasions where you remember very clearly where you were and what you were doing. One such … Continue reading

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