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Being another excerpt from my gestating tome The Beowulf Effect, written today between Liverpool Street and Colchester, after which I played several rounds of Angry Birds. We human beings have at least two remarkable abilities. One of them is pattern … Continue reading

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It Has Not Escaped Our Notice #22

This item kindly supplied by Dr J. R. of Canada Water. I wonder if this Self Cleaning Restaurant (note absence of hyphen) has Alarmed Doors? Location:SW Temple,Salt Lake City,United States

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The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #15

OOFTUGs generously libated for captions that drag me even part of the way out of my customary post-solstitial anticlimax. As usual here is one to start you off: ‘Uncle Fred drowned in a vat of bourbon. It took ages, but … Continue reading

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Welcome Back, My Friends

[sound of static]… Viking, Forties … Buzznarglezzzzpt … Je Suis Le Tenebreux! … Zxxxshisss … Get Them Down Sir William, I Cannot Wait Until Lunchtime …. Jyyszzzzzhssssspttt … With a melon? Surely not … Hhhhhhxxxyssggzzwwwwsss …. And we go over … Continue reading

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Weigh In

This weekend I edged gracefully down to 19st 4lbs, or 270 lbs in old money, with a bit of finagling, and the discovery that the weighing machine’s rest position is half a pound more than zero. Being, as I am, … Continue reading

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