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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Kindertransports. On the night of 9/10 November, 1938, Jewish homes and businesses across Nazi Germany were trashed – an event known as Kristallnacht, Night of Broken Glass. Five days later, a delegation … Continue reading

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That Was The Week That Was

What a week it’s been. Honestly, if you’d have made up this week’s news, nobody would have believed you. So, what have we had? * A meteor exploded over Russia, quite close to the city of Chelyabinsk. The impactor is … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Scarcely-Clad Blonde Cavorts in Waves

Now, I wonder how much traffic this’ll bring in? A post I wrote about chicken husbandry about three years ago continues to be popular in Pakistan and parts of the Middle-East. It was called Hot Girl-on-Girl Action.

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Ceci N’Est Pas Un Homard

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Another Mystery Fish For You To Identify

Here’s a fishy tail I found on Cromer beach today. Here’s a detail. The skin is very rough, and those spines are wickedly sharp – they look (and feel) like the thorns on a rose bush, and thereby hangs a … Continue reading

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There is more to this house… … than is at first apparent. (With thanks to Mr G. S. of Glasgow for spotting this).

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Which James Bond Villain Are You?

There’s a meme on Facebook in which people are encouraged to take a quiz of the general format Which [object/ person/ thing] are you? A quick scan of my Facebook page reveals that my friends have inhaled deeply of this … Continue reading

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Heidi and Me

I’m a fan of Now Appearing, the online scratching post of my friend Brian Clegg, from whom I’ve gleaned a lot of useful advice recently, such as the possibility that one can get Skype as an iPhone application, as well … Continue reading

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From the Bosom(s) of the Waters

The picture of beautiful blondes with no clothes on emerging from the waves is a powerful image from classical mythology which, not surprisingly, pops up repeatedly in the context of modern culture… And has been reprised recently in Cromer, with … Continue reading

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The Simulated Evolution at the Maison Des Girrafes

Cromercrox Minor, she of the Unicycling Girrafes and rebellious Daleks, made a reasonable request for her birthday stocking, now some weeks ago – she wanted a PC version of a computer game called Spore. This is a game of evolution … Continue reading

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