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We editors at Your Favourite Weekly Professional Science Magazine Beginning With N are masters of misrule. We revel in discord. We thrive on disagreement. Nothing pleases us more than witnessing the more cerebral branches of human misery. Nothing pushes our … Continue reading

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It might come as a surprise to you both that I have a page on Wikipedia. I didn’t create this page. Nobody told me it was being created, nor did they ask me for any input. They could have had … Continue reading

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If you have a diary and should like to put a date in it … A date, but not in a diary. Picture from Wikimedia. … I’ll be chairing a meeting next month on cryptozoology. You can find all the … Continue reading

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Unknown Again, Naturally

Just in case you’re around, I’ll be in London on 1st March, waffling directionlessly about various themes connected with my forthcoming tome. It’ll be a somewhat uninformed unformed ramble, so think of it as less of a lecture, more a … Continue reading

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Into The Unknown

Many years ago when the world was young (OK, it was 1996), a fellow science writer opined in my general direction as follows: “hey, Henry, you should probably write a book about human evolution!” My reply was somewhat tired and … Continue reading

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