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Today the Fine City of Norwich hosted its Pride event, and me and the Croxii went to take a look. Pride comes before a Hall. In this case, Norwich City Hall When we got there the Forum (Norwich’s fine modern … Continue reading

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Beyond Words

I have been deluged by an email from my colleague Dr P. G. of Englefield Green, containing this link, and a cover noteĀ as follows: ‘I can think of nothing to say about this’. I probably could say something about it, … Continue reading

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Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Picturesque Seaside Town of Cromer

I’m really quite perplexed by the U. S. and A. In many ways it feels like home. Over the past 18 years or so I have visited the country dozens of times. I’ve worked there, and can well imagine living … Continue reading

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Weigh In

Today at a weighing machine in Boots I tipped the scales at 19st 5lbs. This is a millstone milestone as it means I have lost half a stone – or, if it’s any easier, 59,236,456,552,232,271,872 electronvolts, sort of – if … Continue reading

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Weigh In

Back on 20 April I announced to a quiverish world that I weighed 19st 7lb. Today, almost three weeks later, I weighed in at 19st 6lb. A paltry improvement – almost discouraging – but at least I wasn’t any heavier. … Continue reading

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You’ll See Less Of Me In Future

This Friday I shall be in my prime. Hmmm. The Prime of Mr Cromercrox Of Cromer. That is to say, I shall be 47, which is a prime number. QED. But far from espousing hopless fascist causes – or, at … Continue reading

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