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The Boson

(with apologies to Hilaire Belloc.) The Boson is so very small You cannot make it out at all, Though physicists have money on Its presence in the Tevatron. Notwithstanding the concern Of colleagues beavering at CERN All hoping that it … Continue reading

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While we’re on the subject of holiday reading, I am informed by one Ian Whates, scholar, gentleman, SF author and, notwithstanding inasmuch as which, publisher of the SF anthology Fables from the Fountain, that sales so far have raised a … Continue reading

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I am extraordinarily lucky in being able to work some of the time at home. Today, after a drizzly start, the sun came out so that I could spend my lunch hour on the beach and, notwithstanding inasmuch as which, … Continue reading

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Into The Unknown

Many years ago when the world was young (OK, it was 1996), a fellow science writer opined in my general direction as follows: “hey, Henry, you should probably write a book about human evolution!” My reply was somewhat tired and … Continue reading

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A Problem Shared

A friend of mine – I’m not allowed to blow their cover (and, if you’re asking, it’s not Professor Trellis of North Wales me) – is an Agony Relative for their local newspaper. This person has run out of problems … Continue reading

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Wishing You a Cool Yule

Tomorrow is the winter solstice, bringing with it the promise of human sacrifice increasing day length. Just four minutes more light a day: doesn’t sound much, but it soon mounts up, it’s almost an hour per fortnight. But for those … Continue reading

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Guinea Pigs for a Guinea Pig?

As regular readers (both of them) will have noticed, I’ve been elsewhere lately. Among other things I’ve been finishing a story for children entitled Defiant the Guinea-Pig: Firefighter! with my younger daughter, Crox Minima, aged 10  (though with vital contributions … Continue reading

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Same Blog, Different Pier?

I’ve had a blog over at Nature Networks for a long time. But now I feel that my work there is done, and that there’s change in the wind. Should I stay at Nature Networks, or take the End Of … Continue reading

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