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Former lab rat, now professional friend of lab rats. I've done research and freelance writing, and currently work in scientific publishing. In my spare time I talk to and write about people who are involved in both music and science. In my remaining spare time I play violin. Sometimes I sleep, but not often. My regular irregularly updated blog is at

The two ideas to fix the gender balance that do not make me cringe

When I was in the penultimate year of high school, at that point where you need to think about universities, all six of the girls in my physics class got a flyer advertising “girl days” at technical universities, during which … Continue reading

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Three new observations about crowdfunding

Since I wrote my previous post, I’ve been to SpotOn London, where I attended a session about crowdfunding. One of the panelists was Ethan Perlstein, who is still raising funds for his lab. One of the other panelists was Cindy … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding research not yet a crowd pleaser

Academic researchers are one of the few professionals who have to spend a large amount of time throughout their entire career begging for money just to keep their job. It’s hard to get grants. It’s a lot of work to … Continue reading

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