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Blog: Mind the Gap

Jenny is a cell biologist at University College London and a part-time novelist and science writer. A lapsed American, she appears occasionally on TV, radio, documentaries, podcasts, live panels and in print as a science/lit/art/culture pundit. She’s the author of two novels about scientists: Experimental Heart and The Honest Look, both from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, New York. Her writing has appeared in places such as the BBC News, Nature, The Guardian and The Scientist. Recently, she was the No More Dr Nice Guy who kick-started Science Is Vital, a campaign to protect British science funding. In 2005 she founded the webzine LabLit in the hopes of piquing people’s curiosity about the hidden world of scientists. Her blog, Mind The Gap, is in the same spirit: in which she invites you to come into her lab and see science from her point of view – the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright silly.

Feel free to stalk her on her website for more juicy details.