Blogging Beyond

Blog: Blogging the PhD and Beyond

Erika Cule is a statistician working in industry. Her blog, Blogging the PhD and Beyond, documents her graduate student experience at Imperial College London, and what happened next. The views expressed here are her own.

Erika embraces interdisciplinary ways of working, and has studied BiochemistryBioinformatics and Theoretical Systems BiologyStatistical Genetics and Statistics.

Erika started blogging after her essay, Birthday Surprises, won the Imperial College Science Challenge in 2008 and went on to be published in Nature Futures and to win the Daily Telegraph/Bayer Science Writercompetition. You can also find Erika’s writing on Occam’s Corner, part of The Guardian Science Blogs.

When Erika is not doing or writing about science she likes, among other things, to swim, both inside and out.

You can contact Erika on your favourite social network, or by email.