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Country Birds: Northern Cardinals

Last weekend, the weather here was cool, but dry, so I decided to go riding at my friends’ ranch west of the city, where I keep my horses. After our ride, I was drinking some juice at the main house, … Continue reading

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Urban Wildlife: Virginia Opossum

Nothing infuriates my Labrador retriever quite like a cheeky opossum (Didelphis virginiana) in the backyard, or a spooked one running off to hide under a shed or in a rocky embankment in the park. She will give chase if possible, … Continue reading

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Yarnstorming in the city limits

Or should I say, “knitty limits.” Yarnstorming, or yarn bombing, is a relatively new subgenre of street art, characterized by installations of knitted or crocheted pieces in public places. Although yarn bombs are intended to be non-permanent, and can be … Continue reading

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The End of Cities?

Whether I remember them very well or not, I’ve lived in large cities most of my life: Boston, Minneapolis, Houston, London, Dallas, New Orleans, and now, San Antonio. Although Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas rank fourth, seventh, and ninth respectively, … Continue reading

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