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National Public Lands Day in a Drought City

2011 has been a year of exceptional heat and drought throughout most of the state of Texas, and 2012 isn’t looking much better. Although the city of San Antonio obtains water from the artesian Edwards Aquifer, this is a limited … Continue reading

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Wind Power for City People

In his 2011 State of the Union address, President Obama proposed a goal of 80% clean energy sources in the US by 2035, a mandate that would include a 700% increase in the generation of non-hydro renewable energy.  While solar … Continue reading

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The End of Cities?

Whether I remember them very well or not, I’ve lived in large cities most of my life: Boston, Minneapolis, Houston, London, Dallas, New Orleans, and now, San Antonio. Although Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas rank fourth, seventh, and ninth respectively, … Continue reading

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