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Silent Spring: Warblers

In the chapter And No Birds Sing, Rachel Carson describes the consequences of DDT spraying (for elm bark beetles) for various bird populations in the Midwestern US. Two ornithologists at Michigan State University, George Wallace and John Mehner, documented the … Continue reading

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Suburban Wildlife: Texas Spiny Lizard

In spite of (or perhaps because of) another very hot, dry summer here, my suburban backyard is a small refuge for a variety of insects, birds, and reptiles. Among the largest of the reptiles I’ve seen recently is the Texas … Continue reading

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Suburban Garden: Eggplant and Kale

Across several states in the central and southwestern US, this has been one of the hottest, driest years on record, with no sign of improvement any time soon. South Texas is no exception to this trend, and I don’t venture … Continue reading

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Windfall 1. Crape myrtle and Spanish moss

With several days of freezing temperatures and brisk winds from the north last week, many things were blown from, or out of, neighborhood trees and shrubs. I decided to document some of the windfall that I pick up on long … Continue reading

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Country Birds: Northern Cardinals

Last weekend, the weather here was cool, but dry, so I decided to go riding at my friends’ ranch west of the city, where I keep my horses. After our ride, I was drinking some juice at the main house, … Continue reading

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