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Not Following Directions in London: King’s Cross to Calthorpe Street

The surprise arrival of a package, containing a Red Nose Day T-shirt from my friend Dr. P.M. of Cambridge, reminded me that I have yet to write up the impressions from our medical history perambulations from February 2009. The idea … Continue reading

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Windfall 1. Crape myrtle and Spanish moss

With several days of freezing temperatures and brisk winds from the north last week, many things were blown from, or out of, neighborhood trees and shrubs. I decided to document some of the windfall that I pick up on long … Continue reading

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Van der Volkswagen Forces

Pro football (US version) has never seemed as fun to watch as college football, and for me, the number of rats’ arses given about even the latter has declined significantly in the last decade. But this is one cute SuperBowl … Continue reading

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City at a standstill …

… because we aren’t at all prepared for even small amounts of snow and ice. We had freezing rain late last night, followed by less than an inch of snow overnight, but that’s enough to wreak havoc in a southern … Continue reading

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Wind Power for City People

In his 2011 State of the Union address, President Obama proposed a goal of 80% clean energy sources in the US by 2035, a mandate that would include a 700% increase in the generation of non-hydro renewable energy.  While solar … Continue reading

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