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That French-American biomed researcher again.

Some words when one is speechless

The current use of “no words” in its semaphoric online sense seems to date back to five or ten years ago. To you, there may seem to be a great difference between five and ten years ago. To me, two … Continue reading

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Why a talented researcher – but a naive saleswoman – had to resort to #crowdfunding

I went and wrote, go ahead, launch the campaign – unprepared, at the end of July. That said, we ARE going to succeed in raising the money we so desperately need to make concrete things happen in our lab: registering … Continue reading

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Relative oblivion and revivals

While on vacation in California, I had the U.S. version of a famous online bookstore locate and then send me a copy of a collection of essays I once enjoyed in the very same yard-sale paperback edition. It is as … Continue reading

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Research talks about large congenital melanocytic nevi

Cross-posted from The Node: Limited time offer until 30 April 2014. Read on. As a developmental biologist, I have found my calling in applying what I have learned  about normal embryogenesis to better understanding the pathophysiology of various  human congenital … Continue reading

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Response to RFI on Public Access to Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Publications Resulting From Federally Funded Research

What a mouthful! Well, happy new year to everyone. I thought I’d make it a matter of public record that I support the continuation of public access to peer-reviewed scientific productions where it already exists, and the implementation of better … Continue reading

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Whupping photos in shape for biology journals

The last time I purchased a piece of software to edit photographs, it was Photoshop 6 for PC. I had tried version 7, which did the job well, on others’ computers, but version 6 did the job, and did it … Continue reading

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Expat scientists, Rare Disease Day 2011 and stupid politics

I received notification through Facebook (who says LinkedIn is only for professional conversations, and Facebook only for silly pet antics?) from a Portuguese former colleague from my French Ph.D. lab, who has since gone to live in Germany, England, and … Continue reading

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Open tabs

Link-love, heart, vessel, skin, cancer and eye development, and a tiger cub. Continue reading

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