After much thought and changes-of-mind I have decided to leave OT and set up shop elsewhere.

I stress that my reasons for leaving have nothing to do with my friends and colleagues at OT for whom I have only the greatest respect and affection. Some of them I count among my closest friends and have been sources of a great deal of support at difficult times.

My new gaff will be a private, members-only affair. It’s not quite ready yet, but if you’d like to join, please send me an email, though if I do not know you personally you might expect a grilling.

About cromercrox

Cromercrox is a recovering palaeontologist, author and editor who lists his recreations as writing, beachcombing, playing hard rock organ, supporting Norwich City FC and falling asleep.
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13 Responses to Goodbye

  1. Mike says:

    So long, and thanks for all the prehistoric jokes images.

  2. Graeme says:

    It’s been fun and entertaining.

    Please allow me to join you at your new site.

  3. chall says:

    Sorry to see you depart but hope to be allowed to follow the new site. Email somewhere or maybe add my blog or how this works…. hmm….. looking forward seeing your new creation!

  4. Owen Dunn says:

    Sorry to see you go, but I’d like to continue following your new blog if I may.

  5. cromercrox says:

    All you need to do is send me an email. No, I am not going to tell you what it is. Think of it as an initiative test…

  6. aeon says:

    This is the second goodbye message – and I was kind of hoping that it would vanish, just like the first one did. (RSS feeds, ye know…)
    However, it did not. Pity. Don’t know you personally, and surely have different opinions on some stuff, but your blogging was always interesting.

  7. Fred says:

    Thanks for the interesting posts – though given Cromercrox and his all readership (and even the townsfolk who have never heard of him) are all now employees of Strexcorp, it follows that knowing or guessing his email address isn’t truly necessary- rather just type the word “subscribe” onto any keyboard that you happen to walk past today, or speak it into any telephone handset, and Strexcorp. will do the rest…

  8. Dr Dan H. says:

    Oh alas, no more updates from the Cromer Poultry Great War Re-Enactment Society!

    Oh woe is me!

    May I be permitted to join your new site? I am but a humble, lapsed nematologist (as we nematological folk are but legless entomologists, lapsing is a very regular occurrence) lurking mysteriously in a strange Northern town, pretending to fettle computers. A view out into the halls of, well anywhere that doesn’t feature SELinux actually, is really rather nice indeed.

    May I join?

  9. Laurence Cox says:

    Goodbye. I liked to read your blog posts, not because I always agreed with them, but because often I didn’t and it is good to read the thoughts of people with whom you disagree as a corrective to the notion that your views are always right. And, who knows, when Norwich are once again in the top Division, we may see your return also!

  10. Bother!!!

    I will try an email though because I would miss good stuff otherwise even if I didn’t often have anything to say (that was worth hearing that is 🙂 That is if you want a quilting artist from New Zealand!


  11. I have no email …… oh well 🙁
    Obviously I don’t pass the test…

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