A Soft Landing

People often talk about starting books.

People often talk about keeping up the momentum, once one have started.

What people talk less about is how to finish a book.

I have written 11 of the 12 chapters of Sex and Chocolate, but chapter 12, being the conclusion, will need special handling, in terms of pace and voice. I have a bad habit of rushing to reach the conclusion, at least on the first draft, so desirous am I of getting to THE END. This time I am creeping up on it very stealthily, so it doesn’t notice.

Therefore, I have distracted myself by going through Chapters 1 to 11, making sure they flow properly. As I wrote them out of order, I am conscious that there will be repetitions, and what movie people call ‘continuity errors’. It would be embarrassing if Gandalf appeared in a wizardly cape in chapters 5 and 7, but for some reason wears a green lurex boob tube and a grass skirt in chapter 6.  One recoils in horror at the filming of The Bonfire of the Vanities, in which, midway through filming, the Leading Lady had a breast enhancement.

Even though I have now gone through said chapters, there are still many errors. But I feel that the time is fast approaching coming up to the top of the hour, such that I shall have to start drafting.

I think I now know what to write. I have been spending the time on my dog walks for the past week rehearsing it in my head. But as someone once said, the best laid plans rarely survive first contact with the enemy.

I’m going in.

Cover me.

About Henry Gee

Henry Gee is an author, editor and recovering palaeontologist, who lives in Cromer, Norfolk, England, with his family and numerous pets, inasmuch as which the contents of this blog and any comments therein do not reflect the opinions of anyone but myself, as they don't know where they've been.
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