Why Are People So F***ing Stupid?

We are shielding, chez Gee, as one of us has pre-existing health complaints, and another is about to have a surgical procedure. The only person who leaves the house is me, and only to walk the dogs, which I do in quiet woods and lanes to minimize human contact.

So there I was on this morning’s walk in a country lane when I sense a cyclist hovering behind me. I turn round, and there’s a cyclist, who said she didn’t want to startle me. Which was kind. So I pull the dogs to the roadside to let her pass.

She starts to pass but then stops next to me so she could coo over the dogs. I tell her that we are shielding, so she says ‘be safe’ and cycles off.

What do people have to do to drum the seriousness of this emergency into their heads?

Next time I shall wear my mask… except that these numpties will only stop to ask why I am wearing a mask.

Honestly, if this is the human race, extinction can’t come soon enough.

In fact, I am so incensed I have designed a T-shirt. You can see the design in the picture. You can order one here. You’re welcome.

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