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I remember it well – the moment after I, as an audience member at a panel at an SF convention, mentioned how much I liked the novel Ender’s Game by one Orson Scott Card, when the temperature appeared to drop … Continue reading

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Now I Am Old, I Shall Play Purple

This is the first generation of the truly ageing rock star. The Stones are still at it, fifty years on (proprietors M. Jagger & K. Richards, both 69.) David Bowie (66) has just released a new record which is reportedly … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

I think I have finally found the synthesizer for me (note – in what follows, anyone who doesn’t self-identify as a geek or gear-head can look away.) It’s a Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08. As you both know I play … Continue reading

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Black Night

I have just learned of the death today of Jonathan Douglas Lord, (1941-2012), founder member and original keyboard player with Deep Purple, and a considerable classical composer in his own right. He had been fighting a long battle against pancreatic … Continue reading

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Lord Of The Rings

I have just acquired a new toy. Here it is: As you can see, it’s a ring modulator – no, not a means of assuaging the after-effects of very spicy foods (the assumption to which my friend Mr M. P. … Continue reading

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It will not have escaped the notice of either of my readers that I have been somewhat absent of late. Absent in more than one sense, as I have been fighting off a rather vicious episode of depression caused mainly … Continue reading

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A little while ago I promised you an announcement. Well, here it is. Music has always been a big part of my life. I have been in, around, through and between rock bands (and blues bands, and pop bands, and … Continue reading

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If you agree with me that the purpose of blogs – this one in particular, if not blogs in general – is to be gratuitously self-indulgent in public, then I trust you won’t object to what follows, which is a … Continue reading

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Classic Rock For Dogs

One of my favourite books is Poetry for Cats – the Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse┬áby Henry Beard, a writer on National Lampoons (I believe) as well as the author of such titles as French for Cats and X-Treme … Continue reading

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I’m at breakfast with my iPad and a cup of coffee, so just got time to carve a word before I dash off. I’m in Leipzig at the inaugural meeting of the European Society for the Study of Human Evolution … Continue reading

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