Hocus Pocus

IMG_4708 Greetings, Pop Pickers. Music fans of a certain vintage will recall with a wry smile the tune Hocus Pocus by the Dutch prog rock¬†band Focus, in which the inspired lunacy of organist, vocalist and flautist Thijs van Leer met the guitar virtuosity of Jan Akkerman. Always willing to try something new, and having no shame whatsoever,¬† my current musical project G&T has done a cover version. It’ll be released for download on Apple Music, iTunes and so on and so forth on 27 May, but those of a less patient nature can pre-save it on Spotify and Apple Music now. Adrian Thomas played guitar, more guitar, extra guitar, additional guitar, further guitar, with a side-order of guitar and a guitar jus. I did other stuff, and mixed it here at Flabbey Road. If you are impatient to hear more from G&T (and why not?) our album Ice & A Slice is widely available. And we’re currently recording some new material for release sometime in the future. Watch, as they say, this space. Not ‘arf!

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