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Calling budding science writers!

Last week saw the launch of the RCSU Imperial College Science Challenge 2009 The Challenge? To write an 800-word response to one of the questions set by the panel of judges, competing for a share of the prizes including cash … Continue reading

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Smooth oscillator

Most students and followers of Synthetic Biology will be familiar with the repressilator (If you’re not a student of Synthetic Biology, you can become one. The Synthetic Biology Community has a strong ethos of open science and you can find … Continue reading

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What do you do?

How do you answer the simple question What do you do? When the (semi-)joke Me? Oh, I’m just an eternal student! is met with the inevitable Oh…studying what? but Bioinformatics…and Theoretical Systems Biology… returns a quizzical look: (_Bio – informatics?_) … Continue reading

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An assortment of links

Some recent articles from the blogosphere and further afield: From the New York Times Magazine, Steven Pinker piece on his participation in George Church’s Personal Genome Project. A number of journalists and writers have recorded their experiences of genetic testing … Continue reading

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Peer support

Do you ever read a piece of research and wish you could take that idea and run with it? As part of their special collection on Education & Technology, Science published a report Why Peer Discussion Improves Student Performance on … Continue reading

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