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Computers these days

When I was in primary school, in the early nineties, Tesco ran a scheme called Computers for Schools. Shopping at Tesco earned paper vouchers which were collected by local schools. When a school had collected enough vouchers, they could spend them … Continue reading

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The New Awkward

Blogging lends itself to the meta. Over the years, when I have been battered, bruised and even left bleeding from online exchanges, I think back to my abrupt and unintentional induction into science communication; to my first forays into blogging. I … Continue reading

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Commuting and communities

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Self promotion

I do find the trope that women do not self-promote tiresome. If I self-promote, does this mean that I am not a woman? 😕 It is not in my nature to do disco moves in a lab, but I do … Continue reading

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One year since the launch of Occam’s Typewriter, one year since my MPhil to PhD upgrade exam, and one year (more or less) to go until the end of the PhD. This seems a suitable place for stocktaking. This year’s … Continue reading

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The future of Imperial Science Blogging

On Wednesday I witnessed the future of Science Blogging at Imperial College, when I ran a Science Blogging Workshop for Graduate Students. I have blogged before about Imperial College Graduate Schools‘ Transferable Skills Training Programme. The Graduate Schools offer a … Continue reading

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Occam’s Typewriter, the sharpest blogging network in the box, is now live!

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meme scheme

1. What is your blog about? Bioinformatics, theoretical systems biology, synthetic biology, and my experiences being a graduate student in a multidisciplinary field. It’s my chance to see something, think “hey, that’s neat” and then write about it. 2. What … Continue reading

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