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I am evangelical about this

PhD students should* consider industry roles; academics should not dissuade them. Ten years ago today I began my career as a statistical consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. I went directly from my PhD: I submitted my PhD thesis on a … Continue reading

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Back in 2009 the day, in a discussion on the recently archived Nature Network, I mentioned that I liked to draft blog posts the old-fashioned way. I wrote that “It is easier to get started with a pen and paper than a … Continue reading

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The supporting cast

A PhD is, by definition, a lonely endeavour. My fellow students and I were taught the fundamentals of team work as part of our transferable skills training, only for one academic to comment that for a career in academia, they would … Continue reading

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Last week: The ever-helpful @OccamT crew are giving @erikacule viva (thesis defense) tips & anecdotes via email. Hope we haven't scared her too much… — Cath Ennis (@enniscath) March 13, 2013 @enniscath we'll drive her to vodka yet @occamt @erikacule … Continue reading

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Sacrifice and Submission

Narratives of sacrifice are woven into many stories about research. Nobel laureate Dr Barry Marshall famously drank a culture of Helicobacter pylori in order to demonstrate that the bacterium is indeed the causative agent of stomach ulcers. Closer to my … Continue reading

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Impressions of ASHG 2012

Whilst most of the science blogosphere my science blogging colleagues were getting stuck in to Science Online London 2012, I was at the closing plenary of the 62nd meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. If solo12 is the home … Continue reading

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An unexpected delight in the form of careers advice

This week I am attending the 62nd meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics here in San Francisco. Being a PhD student, I registered for several of the events aimed at Trainees. As well as attending talks, visiting posters, … Continue reading

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Listen while you work

I feel sorry for PhD students who prefer to work in silence. Most students (and postdocs) will be assigned a desk in a shared office. Lab-dwelling students cannot realistically expect a quiet working environment. Jenny describes the sounds of science: … Continue reading

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Talkin’ ’bout my PhD-work

For many (most?) PhD students, there comes a time when they must present their work at a conference, meeting or workshop. The student may have already spoken about their work within their department, for example at a departmental seminar. I … Continue reading

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You’re turning into your supervisor

This week I met up with some collaborators. This was the trip that led to a chance encounter with fellow OT blogger Austin Small world, science – just bumped into @occamt's Cambridge-based PhD student blogger Erika Cule in the … Continue reading

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