Peer-review – I am beatin’ that horse until it dies!

I just published another post on peer review in response to Cameron Neylon’s post about peer-review here . Specifically I didn’t like his example in the post as I don’t think its a good allegory for peer-review.

But to spare Occam’s Typewriter from my Irregulars beating of that dead horse, I have published it on my blog – Girl, Interruptin’ here in full.

Also apologies to Cameron for referring to him as Neylon (as I actually know him it seems a bit rude) throughout – I just didn’t want to cause confusion with our good prime minister….

About Sylvia McLain

Girl, Interrupting aka Dr. Sylvia McLain is a bio-physicist in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford (UK), but she blogs in a personal capacity. She is also a proto-science writer, armchair philosopher, amateur plumber and wanna-be film-critic. You can follow her on Twitter @DrSylviaMcLain
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