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Girl, Interrupting aka Dr. Sylvia McLain used to be an academic, but now is trying to figure out what's next. She is also a proto-science writer, armchair philosopher, amateur plumber and wanna-be film-critic. You can follow her on Twitter @DrSylviaMcLain and Instagram @sylviaellenmclain

On becoming (naturalised, half) British

I am undertaking ‘a journey to citizenship’ and happily (thankfully) I just passed the test and can apply for citizenship soon. Fortunately I can be a US/UK citizen; the UK isn’t particularly concerned with dual citizenships and the US wants … Continue reading

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Peer-review – I am beatin’ that horse until it dies!

I just published another post on peer review in response to Cameron Neylon’s post about peer-review here . Specifically I didn’t like his example in the post as I don’t think its a good allegory for peer-review. But to spare … Continue reading

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Peer-review here we go again …

Once again the peer-review vs. science online debate appears! In an article by Peer review: Trial by Twitter – Apoorva Mandavilli talks about a lot of things but it mentions that science is getting ‘torn apart’ in the online media… … Continue reading

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Reflections on the aftermath of a student protest

I didn’t attend the student protests- except in the sense I walked down the South Bank (other side of the river from Parliament) where my walk home was curiously unencumbered by traffic and I heard the  hum of helicopters over … Continue reading

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