Peer-review – I am beatin’ that horse until it dies!

I just published another post on peer review in response to Cameron Neylon’s post about peer-review here . Specifically I didn’t like his example in the post as I don’t think its a good allegory for peer-review.

But to spare Occam’s Typewriter from my Irregulars beating of that dead horse, I have published it on my blog – Girl, Interruptin’ here in full.

Also apologies to Cameron for referring to him as Neylon (as I actually know him it seems a bit rude) throughout – I just didn’t want to cause confusion with our good prime minister….

About Sylvia McLain

Girl, Interrupting aka Dr. Sylvia McLain used to be an academic, but now is trying to figure out what's next. She is also a proto-science writer, armchair philosopher, amateur plumber and wanna-be film-critic. You can follow her on Twitter @DrSylviaMcLain and Instagram @sylviaellenmclain
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