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Eternal Questions

My first tentative toe-dip into the Blogosphere turned out to be less scary than I imagined: No abusive messages or trolls, a little bit of enthusiasm via Twitter, email and the “Responses” section on the blog, and even an encouraging … Continue reading

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The Materials Scientist in 2030, Who is She?

Whenever I ask one of my Physics Department colleagues what it means to be a Physicist, while she might not be able to give me a straightforward answer, she usually has a very clear picture in her head of who … Continue reading

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Research talks about large congenital melanocytic nevi

Cross-posted from The Node: Limited time offer until 30 April 2014. Read on. As a developmental biologist, I have found my calling in applying what I have learned  about normal embryogenesis to better understanding the pathophysiology of various  human congenital … Continue reading

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Science, fashion and the best stem cell dress you’ll (n)ever wear.

Is it art? Is it fashion? Is it a stem cell? How about all three? Continue reading

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Genome Assembly – a primer for the Shakespeare fan

“Assembly” is the process of putting millions of tiny DNA sequences together to make a full genome. Neither William Shakespeare, nor Julius Caesar, knew anything about it, but that’s not stopping me from using the play to help try to explain it. Continue reading

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Genome sequencing, Shakespeare style

What is a genome sequence, and how does mine differ from everyone else’s? We turn to William Shakespeare to help us find out. Continue reading

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