Animal control is a problem for most US cities, and seems to be an especially major issue in my city. The problem has been compounded by the current economic recession, with people abandoning or giving up pets that they can no longer afford. At the San Antonio Horse Show, the main concern was once that people with horse trailers would leave with horses that don’t belong to them; lately, there is also the concern that people will leave behind horses that they can no longer afford to feed. So I’m pleased to be in a position to take in dogs abandoned near my friends’ ranch (which was the case with my Labrador retriever), and now to adopt two puppies from the Human Society, a no-kill shelter. A co-worker and her husband foster dogs for the Humane Society, and their latest projects are two Pomeranian mix puppies that had sarcoptic mange. I picked them up today, and they’re sleeping at the moment, somewhat drowsy after receiving a parvo booster.


That’s Hoshi (star), the male, on the left, and Sumi (ink), the female, on the right. They’ve already started crate-training in their foster home, and after barking at my Labbie for awhile, promptly crawled into their new crate and fell asleep. They also went for a very long walk this morning (though they were carried for 15 minutes of it). Here’s Hoshi, before falling asleep:


I’ll wake them up in a bit and feed them, and then maybe more photos in the backyard.

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6 Responses to PomPom

  1. Cromercrox says:

    Squeeeee! Lovely names, btw

    • KristiV says:

      Thanks – atm they’re squabbling over a chew toy that you can put in the freezer to chill. I can see I’ll have to buy another one of those.

      OK, now they’re wrestling. They’re like little black fox kits. They had two cats to play with in their foster home – afraid I can’t offer them that.

  2. They’re adorable! Congratulations to all three of you 🙂

    • KristiV says:

      I’m glad I could adopt them together, but I think they’d love to have cats to play with again. My older dog tolerates them, but I think she finds them pretty uninteresting.

  3. Frank says:

    Very cute! But that sounds like hard work, or do they sleep a lot?

    • KristiV says:

      They’ve been very busy this afternoon, but now after dinner they’re having a little nap. Having two of them means they have each other to play with, but in the backyard they tend to run in opposite directions, and it’s a challenge to make sure that both do their elimination business. I’ve got a dog playpen to put them in outdoors, so they can run around but stay out of trouble (mostly).

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