What difference a couple of weeks makes. Recall that earlier this month I was out in a blizzard trying to secure a tarpaulin over the hen run, all the while running the risk of hypothermia, or at the very least playing a bit part in a painting by Marc Chagall.

Much the same as then, but now.

Well, all change. Here is much the same scene as then, but taken earlier today.

As you can see I removed the gloomy old tarp from the hen run and replaced it with a fresh sheet of clear plastic, so the hens can get some daylight.

And what daylight we are having. The days are noticeably longer and the weather is milder. Two weeks ago I was dressed up as a polar explorer. Today I was doing the garden in a T-shirt. It was wonderful to feel the sun again.

The astute reader will note that I found another use for the tarp – I spread it on the piece of ground where, in a month or so, I’ll start digging and raking and staking out this year’s veg plot. I also neatened up the fence alongside.

Now, everyone knows that February is absolutely the worst month in the garden. Everything looks tatty and horrible. But the days are longer, allowing for more tidying-up time, and soon I’ll be sowing and planting and we shall have breakfast outdoors and there’ll be buttered scones for tea. At half past three. Or words to that effect. Other bakery products are available. (Closed Wednesdays).

Tomorrow I’m going to prune the apple tree.

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