Occam’s Typewriter, the sharpest blogging network in the box, is now live!

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7 Responses to Launch

  1. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    I’m excited! Are you excited? I’m excited!

  2. Erika Cule says:

    Yup Yup!

  3. cromercrox says:

    I’m so excited I could crush a grape.

  4. What an interesting craft — and a familiar crew aboard. I’ll have to bookmark this.

    Be sure to put that grape somewhere anaerobic, HG. In case the rum runs low.

  5. Two comments:
    (1) I received an email confirming my “subscribtion” to this site.

    (2) I clicked on the link in the email and received this message (on web):

    Error while fetching database record
    Blogging the PhD Comment Subscription Manager is not subscribed to any posts on this site.

    (but I received the email because I had subscribed to a post)

    Ahh, teething pains. This is why I decided biology was a more tempting path than computers. No worries, this will be a sturdy ship soon and the gales have not yet arrived.

  6. Erika Cule says:

    “This is why I decided biology was a more tempting path than computers.”

    It is true that I sometimes think that. And these days I am more computers than biology.

    Will inform the boss of the teething pains. The site has launched slightly before the expected launch date. Check back tomorrow for a (slightly) more informative post!

  7. rpg says:

    Yes, we have some bugs. I’m going to take a break from PHP/WP this weekend, but hope to tackle them next week.

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