One year since the launch of Occam’s Typewriter, one year since my MPhil to PhD upgrade exam, and one year (more or less) to go until the end of the PhD. This seems a suitable place for stocktaking.

This year’s blogging has brought unexpected rewards, from finding out more about PhD practises globally, to leading a workshop for new PhD student bloggers. I have now had the privilege of meeting all the OT bloggers except Steve – but I cannot say I have co-authored a paper with him either.

In common with Cath, Stephen, Richard, Athene, and everybody else, here’s to a great second year at OT.

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11 Responses to Stocktake

  1. ricardipus says:


    P.S. “authored”

    /friendly nitpicking

  2. Cath@VWXYNot? says:

    You’ve had a great year! Thanks for blogging parts of it so we could share it with you

  3. One of these days we’ll find out what that orphan line pointing to the DNA actually signifies.
    Or maybe the reality won’t be nearly as intriguing as my imagination.

  4. Steve Caplan says:

    1) I’m shy–I don’t often meet people (!) Of course, I also live on the other side of the pond…

    2) We could try to put a manuscript together–any ideas?!

    3) Unbelievably, the manuscript is still “in press.” Papers accepted in July to J. Cell Science are only coming out now. Journals need to keep up with the times!

  5. Stephen says:

    So this coming year should be the most exciting yet for “Blogging the PhD” — we get to see the dénouement. Best of luck!

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